Capacity Development

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The LGA offers training programs for local governments that will empower and transform them from being a mere recipient of services to an active and dynamic partner of the national government in the implementation of development initiatives to improve the quality of life of the constituents. These programs range from basic orientation to specialization courses on governance and administration, social services, economic development and environmental management. Among the programs that we have conducted are the following:


  • Newly Elected Officials (NEO) Orientation Program
  • Barangay Newly Elected (BNEO) Orientation Program
  • Project CURE - Comprehensive and Unified Response to Eliminate Red Tape in LGUs
  • Governance on Climate Change
  • Governance for Solid Waste - Social Transformation Through Environmental Program for Effective Waste Management (STEP)
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  • Governance for Water and Sanitation
  • Enhancing Capacities for Sub-National Peace and Order Councils in Localizing Peace and Development Initiatives
  • Local Governance Support Program for Local Economic Development (LED)
  • Development Legislation: Improving the Quality of Local Policies Towards Development
  • Resource Mobilization and Financial Management and Analysis for Local Governance
  • Towards Synergy: Integrating DILG Interventions for LGUs (Capacity Development Agenda Formulation for LGUs)
  • Executive Legislative Course for Enhanced Local Leadership (EXCELL for Women
  • MDG Family Based Actions for Children and their Environs in the Slums (FACES) Project



The LGA provides continuous technical assistance to capacitate DILG officers in managing training for local government officials. The training programs are tailored to respond to the capacity development needs of local government operations officers who provide coaching and mentoring to local governments.