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Agency Profile The NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE (NSO) is the major statistical agency responsible in collecting, compiling, classifying, producing, publishing, and disseminating general-purpose statistics as provided for in Commonwealth Act No. 591.

NSO has also the responsibility of carrying out and administering the provision of the Civil Registry Law as provided for in Act No. 3753 dated February 1931.
More specifically, the NSO is tasked to:

  • prepare for and undertake all censuses on population, agriculture, commerce, and industry (Section 2, C.A. 591; Section 1, Batas Pambansa Blg. 72);
  • conduct statistical surveys by enumeration, sampling, and other methods (Section 2, Batas Pambansa Blg. 72);
  • compile and classify other statistical data and information (Section 2, C.A. 591);
  • conduct social and economic studies and make projections of population, agricultural production, income and the number of livestock (Section 2, C.A. 591);
  • publish and disseminate all information related to the above functions (Section 2, C.A. 591);
  • assist the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), formerly the Statistical Advisory Board of the National Economic and Development Authority, in the formulation of a continuing comprehensive statistical program for the government (Section 5, Presidential Decree 418);
  • provide technical assistance and support to projects of other statistical agencies and institutions (Section 5, P.D. 418);
  • carry out and administer the provisions of Act. No. 3753, entitled “An Act to establish a Civil Register” (Section 2, C.A. 591) and other laws on civil registration; and
  • issue authorization to solemnizing officers in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the Family Code of the Philippines (Executive Order No. 209 effective August 3, 1988).

 Carmelita N. Ericta, Administrator

Solicarel Bldg. I & II, R. Magsaysay Blvd.,
Sta. Mesa, Manila
Tel. No. : 715-6461/ 716-0454
Fax No. : 713-7079

Vibal Bldg., Times St. cor EDSA
West Triangle, Quezon City
Tel. No. : 926-7370
Fax No. : 926-7329

Deputy Administrator
Civil Registration Department
Info Resources Department
Gen. Admin. Department

Services Civil Registration Services
What type of certifications can be obtained from the Office of the Civil Registrar (OCRG)?
How does one request for a certification?
What information should be provided by interested parties?
How much is the processing fee?
How long is the processing of application?

How to Request Copies of
No Marriage

Application Requirements for
Legitimation of Subsequent Marriage
Annulment of Marriage

Applying for Correction of Entries
Cases covered by RA 9048 (Promer for Republic Act 9048)
Cases not covered by RA 9048

Other Information
How much are the user fees to be collected for each type of service?
Where can I find locations of Civil Registry Services?
Where can I find printed information?

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SC rules in favor of OCRG-issued civil registry document

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