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Thursday, November 7, 2013
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Press Release

The 2013 barangay election culminates with the entry of new crop of newly minted barangay leaders. As expected, they will be facing various challenges in peforming their tasks and responsibilities entrusted to them by their constituents. On top of these new challenges are the day-to-day community concerns and external pressures that will test their mettle to provide leadership and solutions to issues bordering on the mundane to complex. This scenario could pose more challenge to those who are really new in barangay governance.

To better prepare the newly elected barangay officials in performing their mandated functions and responsibilties, the DILG through the Local Government Academy has developed the Capacity Building for Barangay Newly Elected Officials (BNEO) Program as a response to their capacity building needs for the duration of their term. This is a product of consultative meetings with various governance stakeholders.

It aims to achieve the following: Ensure the smooth transition to the newly elected officials; Enhance their competencies and ability to perform their duties; Improve barangay citizenry participation in governance; Enjoin barangays to better participate in various performance measures, and; Introduce barangay leaders to various incentives and awards programs.

It has four (4) components namely: Reinventing Public Service (A Guide to Action), Looking Forward to Better Governance, Competency Enhancement, and Enhancing Barangay Performance (Awards and Incentives). Under these components are activities and interventions that will empower the newly elected officials from the time of their assumption to their new mandate all the way throughout their term. Said componensts will run from July 2013 up to June 2014 onwards.

The Program will be delivered through several channels, through the DILG Regional Offices, select Local Resource Institutes and the Liga ng mga Barangay. Blended learning approaches will be employed such as face-to-face and distance learning methods. The Radyo Aralan and webinar can be utlized in some selected sites to take advantage of existing information and communication technologies.

The DILG will be with the barangays and their officials in every step of the way throughout their leadership journey. They are the ones closest to the people and need to be more than ready to step up to life beyond the campaign period.

The BNEO is delivered to the barangay officials with the utmost intention to instil that good governance shall extend itself far into the frontlines of local governance.